With digitization making a blast, most of the Indian consumers have got hold of digital technologies. Many of the Indian companies have begun following the suit as India is now becoming one of the fastest growing markets for digital consumers. It has likely brought about significant change in the economic value and also changes the work nature of millions of Indian consumers.

It was not long ago that people were considered “living high profile life” when they used to shop online due to their busy lifestyle. But gone are those days, most of us have started shopping online ranging from our regular household stuff to other itineraries as well. The days have come people prefer to buy things online, giving rise to e-commerce industry creating a boom.

Digital modes of payment are often used by the people for the transactions and have proved to be advantageous as well as that can be done in just few seconds. The payment mode in these e-commerce companies varies from one to another organization, in turn, giving comfort zone to consumers regarding the product payment. The companies have tied up with banks for the safe yet immediate payment. It is just that internet on our smart phone or computer is needed to transferring the money with no hazards at all to visit or call the banks.

Those modes may vary ranging from Credit/Debit Card, PayTm or Net Banking. Credit/Debit Card is something that we often carry in our wallet. All we just do is to fill up the Credit/Debit Card details like the card number and then write in the OTP if asked and so the payment becomes pretty easier. While for some people carrying Credit/Debit Card is not regular a thing, then PayTm or Net Banking is also one mode of payment that can be done for online dealings.

Khatriji is one such online digital platform that offers various options like Credit/Debit Card, PayTm or Net Banking for the online payments. Despite these safe option, there is Khatriji Wallet being provided to their user which helps you purchase or do money transaction from anywhere at any time.  With the money loaded in your Khatriji wallet, it will take a few seconds to make Mobile bill Payment through Khatriji.

Thus, Khatriji offers various payment modes such as Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, Visa Card, MasterCard along with Khatriji Wallet for online transaction.

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