If you use mobile or computer a lot, then you should beware of hackers. The reason for this is that recently there have been many cases in which cyber thugs ask people to download apps like AnyDesk and TeamViewer. According to khatriji.in, your phone or computer can be controlled remotely through frauds.Thus, risk relating to theft of important information such as bank accounts increases.

Beware of suspicious calls or messages
If an unknown person asks you to download any software on the phone, do not do so without correct information. Never share your important information with anyone
while doing mobile banking.

Remove suspicious app
If you have downloaded such an app by mistake, then uninstall it immediately. Also check that this software is completely removed from your gadget.

Keep your app locked for security

Use app lock feature in your phone banking, payment app and mobile. Do not share the code of this app lock with anyone else. In case of any tampering with the phone or bank account, report it immediately to your bank.

To avoid Banking Fraud do not give account details over phone
Never share your account information with others over the
smart phone. If the card is lost, cancel it immediately. Never click on unknown email links. Completely destroy old bank statements, credit card applications and bills etc.

Use caution during online shipping

When you use debit and credit cards through e-commerce shopping websites or mobile wallets, important information like your number, expiry date and validity day can be saved at that time. Never save your card details on the respective website to save time. The reason is that CVV information may be misused by others.

Get card swipe in front of you.
Get your card swipe in front of you. Use the bank’s SMS service. This will keep you informed of every transaction.

Keep changing the card PIN at certain intervals
Never save PIN number in mobile. It can be misused. For safety, change your PIN every few days.

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