In this era of smartphones, next generation telecommunication standard – 5G speed remains the subject of discussion. The question that may be arising in your mind is what is 5G technology, and how much faster it is than 4G. Will we have to buy a new phone once again? Let us try to find the answers to all these questions from this article.

What is 5G?

Just like 4G came in place of 3G, in the same way, the fifth generation network 5G is ready to replace 4G. 5G technology is a kind of wireless fiber. This will give you super fast low latency internet everywhere. The 5G network will be much faster than any home cable internet connection. With the help of this wireless technology, you will get internet at super fast speed without wires. This fiber network will make the Internet manifold better. Through this you can enjoy internet with a super fast speed. You will be able to use it well in your home, office, vehicle etc.

How fast will the 5G network be

4G was able to give you 100 megabytes i.e. 100 Mbps per second, while 5G technology is going to come with 10 gigabytes per second i.e. 10 Gbps speed.

This means that 5G network will be 100 times faster than 4G network. This can be called the highest internet speed ever. Low latency greatly increases your load time and response. The 5G will be equipped with a better speed and lower latency.

How will 5G network work?

The 5G network will operate on a new radio spectrum band. It uses 5 G millimeter waves. It then broadcasts a frequency, which works at 30 to 300 GHz. Earlier it has been working at 6GHz. This band is used in 4G. The same technique is used in the communication between satellite and radar systems. In this way it will work on high frequency band. The problem is that being too small, the wavelength can stop.

Many transmitters have to be installed for good coverage and its success. A small miniature based station should be established at every 250 meters. This makes the technique very expensive.

The 5G base station also uses multiple inputs and multiple outputs (Massive MIMO). For this you will need a home wireless router that will work on MIMO technology. Through this, many antennas can be used at a base station at the same time. This network becomes quite strong due to the coordination of many things.

Future of 5G Mobile Services in India

According to experts, the 5G mobile network will bring a digital revolution in India. 5G cellular technology will provide you continuous coverage. There will be no interruption anywhere. In this, you will get the facility of fast internet as well as it will also connect many IOT devices. Data usage stood at 848 million in 2018, which is estimated to be 100 billion GB per annum with the arrival of 5G. This will also make a big difference in data speed. According to the forecast of experts, the 4G connection will be around 3 times more than 8 gigabytes per month.

But, installing many transmitters can prove to be very expensive for a country like India. This will require large investments and infrastructure. Market will be quite competitive. To what an extent a poor man will be able to handle this extra burden, this is also a question. Therefore, the telecom companies will take any action only after considering the pros and cons.

Well, it is certain that by the year 2020, all the smartphones and devices on which the Internet works will be equipped with 5G. The performance of work will also increase to a large extent due to the increased speed of internet.

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