Khatriji is an online digital solution through which recharges, bill payments and products purchase can be done easily online. It is a medium in which a bridge has been formed between consumers and company with Khatriji’s swift recharge and bill payment facility with no extra cost.

Khatriji provides a platform to establish their own business through some of its policies like Refer & Earn facility, Tree income, Repurchase income and Cashback services. Skyomie is further benefitted by earning more income here and this is one way to build your own business through Khatriji. The user has to first register himself/herself at Khatriji and then can join any tree using Khatriji’s product key upon his/her request. Now, he/she can become Khatriji’s Skyomie either by purchasing any Khatriji’s products .  The Skyomie further expands the tree by referring to his allies and is benefitted with referral income also.

Now, the Skyomie had already purchased any renowned Khatriji’s Product initially, but is interested to buy the same product again which is called Re-purchase. Then in that case, the Skyomie will be given some discount for purchasing the same product from Khatriji. The Skyomie will have to pay the original price of the product but Khatriji will offer him/her some reduction on the price. This deducted price will not be returned in the cashback manner but will be transferred directly to his/her Khatriji wallet. The user can redeem that money from Khatriji wallet either for his/her next purchase from Khatriji or can utilize the same in any of the Khatriji’s services.

Thus, Khatriji’s Skyomie has a chance to Re-purchase the product and is able to save his income or rather is able earn more money with the Khatriji’s Re-purchase facility, this whole process is Re-Purchase Income.

Be Khatriji’s Skyomie and grab the opportunity to increase your income by joining any tree and earn more with Re-purchase Income.

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