As said earlier in our last blog, Khatriji Gaming: A new launch by Khatriji, the platform has come up with one more game – Do Lines.  After introducing Snakes and Ladder, Khatriji Gaming has added Do Lines in its kitty. It is a puzzle game of connecting the matching colour dots by forming a line. Get yourself enrolled with Do Lines and play Do Lines for never ending fun.

Well, is it not sounding interesting???

Isn’t the concept bringing energy in you to play it???

Aren’t you excited to learn more and get hold of the game???

Don’t worry, this blog is all about the Do Lines Puzzle Game, the basic concept and fun this game brings along to all the players. Do Lines is actually a game of connecting the dots of similar colour by forming lines in the frame. The concept of the game itself is unique. As the idea suggest, it is a game for all, the game with no age bias. Do Lines is an attractive game that anybody can get attracted to and wish to play it more on android device.

The game encompasses joining the dots of matching colours through lines. The rule here is completing the game board with lines while joining the similar colour dots. No box in the frame must be left empty, else you cannot jump to the next level. There are puzzles with more than 180 levels. Game level starts from easy to complex mode, named Beginner to Insane levels, with appealing music.

Do Lines: A Fascinating game for all

Do Lines is called a game for all ages, mainly because the game is so alluring and fun loving. The game excites not only the elders but also to the tots as well. Let’s know the reasons.

For Kids

The game is entertaining and can be a learning activity for the kids. The dots in the board are of different colours, one has to connect dots with one line that are similar in colour. Kids will learn the colours and also to find a path to join the dots. This will not only develop their IQ level but also a teach finger movements. Indeed, enabling them to be skilled with hands movement in terms of drawing or writing. The interface between the adjacent dots is child friendly and easy to understand. So, Do Lines is a dot joining game for kids. This Do Lines game for kids include preschoolers, kindergarten students and the toddlers.

Nevertheless, one needs to be careful while playing connect the dots puzzle game – Do Lines. These colourful lines formed while joining the dots might break if crossed by other line or overlapped with other. This is definitely one more aspect to develop kids’ brain.

Game For Any Age Group

As said, ‘Do Lines is game for all age group’, anyone can play this game to distress themselves. Not just for the sake to relax their mind or to kill boredom but to utilize their time too, especially the elders. The reason or the age group to play Do Lines would vary from one person to another. The level starting from beginner to insane, may fascinate you so much that you would want to sit at one corner and continue playing the game. Just like addicted gamer!!! Of course, this can help old age group to kill time when bored.

So is the reason, Do Lines is beneficial to all.

Apart from such benefits, there is one more.

Play Do Lines Without Any Time Limitations

Now, you might wonder…Still one more???

Oh yes…You heard it right!!!

Some games have time limitations that might frustrate you. But Do Lines does not have any time restriction unlike others. You can play Do Lines freely with and without timer mode.

Plus, there is daily bonus… There are coins on completion of every game level. You can check them in your score board and use them as per your wish.

One more addition to take into account at Do Lines is: The hints offered in the game. If you are stuck up or hanged while choosing the path to connect the dots, then you can make use of these hints.

Don’t you think, Do Lines have too many advantages in it!!!

Oh yes, not to forget…You can also share your game score to your friends and family. You can even invite them to play, compete with them on the scores and have fun.

Woo…This is exciting!!!

Don’t wait anymore.

Install Do Lines from Play Store and transform your boring day into a joyous one. So, play Do Lines for never ending fun.


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