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Keeping this in mind, after successfully releasing Do Lines game into the market; Khatriji Gaming has come up with a new game – Hold Ball. It is one of the best casual phone game where you bounce a ball from one tile to another and continue to move forward. Let’s discuss in detail about Hold Ball: A Causal Game based on finger moves.

Hold ball is actually a best bouncing ball game in which you hold the ball and swipe your fingers on the board;  jump to different tiles placed on the phone screen.

This game seems easy. Isn’t it?

Interested in learning more about the game play? Read on to know about Hold Ball: A Casual Game based on finger moves…

This blog explain all the aspects of Hold Ball game together with its functionality. Let’s discuss in detail.

Move fingers to Go Forward in Game Play

Hold Ball is a ball balancing game that comprises holding the ball and moving it with your fingers on phone screen. The ball must jump from one tile to another placed in the game and the player can move forward crossing them all.

Hold Ball provides you an option to choose your favourite ball for the ball skin selection mode.

Basically, Hold Ball is simple yet electrifying game, that your winning level indicator is displayed on top of your game play screen while you are playing. However, it is optional; you can turn ON/OFF your level indicator display mode. Additionally, the game has smoothening sound with vibrator type. Nevertheless, you can yet choose to keep both the sound or vibration mode in ON/OFF mode as per your choice.

SETTING Options in the Bouncing Ball Game

You can keep the music ON when in mood to relax yet want to have some entertainment. At the same time, if you are at public place and you want aloof yourself from the rest, then you can turn OFF the sound volume button. Same goes with the vibrator mode. It is always your choice to select the modes. So, it is one of the best casual mobile game.

But to select these modes, you have to go the SETTING option. There are icons for volume, vibration and third one describes T&C of Hold Ball game. There is one more ball icon, situated above SETTING option; you can select your ball skin from the available options.

Ads, Share and Leader Board are at the bottom of the game play screen. As the name suggest: Ad and Share buttons are used to skip or view Ads and to share the game with others respectively.There is a special facility to not view the ad as well. Leader Board allows us to check upon the latest game score by others, inspires us to continue to play and compete with highest ranker.

Rewards in the Hold Ball Casual Game

At the same time, there rewards in the game…

Don’t be surprised, you can attain them during the game play itself.

Well, you should be aware of Bomb ball placed on the tile, while playing bouncing ball game. The bomb will blast and your game will get over. Similarly, you must not even leave your hand from the phone screen while jumping, else your ball will fall and your game will be over too.

So, be alert of these hazards.

But, despite such obstacle, the Hold Ball game is a complete package of surprises and fun. It is time killing game when bored, but excites you to play on and on with multiple modes…The player does not have any limitations of game levels or any other restrictions, indicating you to keep playing. It is definitely a game of finger movements on screen, named Hold Ball: A Casual Game based on finger moves.

Just install Hold ball game from Play Store and begin adding more adventure to life.

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