With the crowd switching to jobs, our lifestyle has become bit expensive. We are always thinking of another medium to grow our income. There are innumerable online shopping platform available in the market wherein you invest much for growing your income. But they are all time consuming platform for earning more and the amount procured is almost equivalent to what you invested.

However, Khatriji is one such online medium in which you can invest less but at the same time you are able to earn more with much less efforts.

Khatriji is one of the leading self-procuring and shopping platform where one can make business through itsRefer & Earn, Tree income, Re-Purchase income and cashback services. Khatriji fundamentally forms a bridge between the consumers and the company and a wide range of Recharges, Bill Payments and Products Purchase can be made effectively online under one roof with no additional expense.

When the user registers himself/herself with Khatriji, buys Khatriji’s product and soon joins any of the tree using any of Khatriji’s product key upon his/her solicitation, at this point itself the user is called Khatriji’s Skyomie.

The Skyomie can grow the tree by referring Khatriji to his friends and relatives and if any of them purchases Khatriji’s product, this whole process is called Referral Income then Skyomie is additionally profited with “Referral Income” too. A tree has been formed this way with Skyomie and he/she is further benefitted by earning more amount from all the user he/she referred. This is called making more money out of the tree that the Skyomie built and the entire process is called “Make Your Own Money Tree”.

Thus, the money spent at Khatriji for product purchase is less compared to the opportunity gained for earning more money by becoming Khatriji’s Skyomie. The Skyomie is able to grow his income this way and also has the chance to establish his/her own business.

In nutshell, Khatriji is one of the best online digital platforms where the investment is less but earning is more.

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