Individual’s life has got into more comfort zone after the usage of telecom industry, especially the personal phone that is the mobile. Some of your social tasks like chatting to friends online or e-shopping activities and many other tasks have become so convenient with our handy mobiles, that we might become handicapped without our mobile phone.

But the biggest hurdle that we face currently is paying our postpaid mobile bill payment on a monthly basis. It becomes almost difficult for us to reach the operator office on time or pay the bill on time. What might actually happen if we have forgotten to pay the bill??? Missing out on some important calls or leaving out our social networking zones….

Khatriji’s favor can allow us not to lose out on any of this sought. You can reach Khatriji’s website and make postpaid mobile bill payment at ease.

Khatriji provides postpaid mobile bill payment for companies like Airtel, Idea, BSNL, Jio, Vodafone etc. So, whenever you think of an online postpaid mobile bill payment option, Khatriji is the best bill payment platform to use.

The process for the postpaid online Mobile Bill Payment is as follows:

  1. Choose “Postpaid” mode for the bill payment.
  2. Enter the phone number on which you want to carry out an online bill payment.
  3. Select your network operator and the circle from where you belong.
  4. Fill in the amount of your bill.
  5. Now click “Proceed to Pay” to make the online postpaid bill payment.
  6. If you have the Khatriji gift card then you can mention your Khatriji gift card number and then Apply.
  7. Suppose if you have not yet logged in, then click “Login to Proceed Transaction”, mention your user name and password, then click “Proceed for Payment”
  8. Skip the above step if you are already logged in, then just press the “Proceed for Payment” button.
  9. You can use your Khatriji wallet amount if there is any, for the mobile bill payment.

Now your mobile bill payment is done.

You can have online bill payment by Debit Card, Net Banking, Visa Card, MasterCard & Khatriji wallet with ease. With the money loaded in your Khatriji wallet, it will take a few seconds to make Mobile bill Payment through Khatriji.

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