Mobile phone has become so essential in our routine life that we almost can’t live without it. However, increase in the use of mobile is equivalent to destructing ourselves with its harmful radiation. We can’t be using landline everywhere nor can we put our phone on speaker every time to distance ourselves away from mobile. Thus, Khatriji’s Mobile Radiation Protection Chip is the best solution for the safety measurement in this regard.

Are you aware that when you have less number of signal bars on your phone, it emits more radiation!!!

Basically, these mobiles emit Radio Frequency (RF) radiation, a form of non-ionizing radiation from their antennas. The parts of the body that are near to the antenna would absorb this energy. The prolonged exposure to this device can be a serious health hazard. This may even cause risk to your heart, lower sperm count, risk to children, headaches, dizziness, nausea, brain tumor, from sleeping pattern to cancer and many more unknown diseases.

So in this case, Khatriji’s Mobile Radiation Protection Chip really assists in this regard. The Chip has been invented after undergoing extensive scientific research. Base of the chip is made up of neodymium metal coating that acts as a shield to protect against the harmful radiation. This chip counteracts the ill effects of the radiation produced from either from tablets or the mobile phones by changing its wave nature. . This indeed reduces the stress level in the human body and increases the human immunity. In short, this chip acts as a safeguard wall against the harmful radiation from mobile phone or tablets.

You just have to stick this chip under the module of your mobile camera and this Mobile Radiation Protection Chip can neutralize the unsafe rays emitted from mobile to a great extent. In nutshell, it acts as a safeguard wall against the harmful radiation from mobile. In other words, it is a safety measure to protect ourselves from the mobile radiation.

So, what are you all waiting for!!! Just buy Khatriji’s Mobile Radiation Protection Chip for your own protection.

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