What is e wallet

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What is e wallet

Friends, there was a time when people had to go to banks to withdraw or deposit money. There, one had to fill the saving or withdrawal form and submit the filled form on the cash counter. This process used to take a lot of time to complete. Then over time debit and credit card and net banking facility came, which made it easier for people to withdraw and pay money several times than before. Online scams also increased due to electronic payment methods. In view of this, the concept of e-wallet was brought to the market with the aim of making payments secure. The good thing is that people have also appreciated it a lot.

Requirement for e-wallet

To use digital wallet, you must have few important things and skills.

  1. A smartphone

  2. Current Internet Connection

  3. An e-wallet app like Khatriji’s app

  4. A basic digital literacy knowledge

All these things enable you to use e wallet. Now you can create your e-wallet by following process:

  1. First go to Google Play Store iOS and download an e-wallet app for yourself.

  2. After this, you will see an icon in your phone. Open it.

  3. Register yourself in this e-wallet app. KYC verification is necessary at the time of registration. Also, set your password with mobile number.

  4. Now add money to your wallet. You can use debit card, credit card etc. to add money.

  5. Finally, your digital wallet is ready to use. All you have to do is press some button on the payment order and your payment is done.

Benefits of e-wallet

  1. You can recharge mobile, datacard and DTH through e-wallet.

  2. It can be use it in online shopping.

  3. You can book bus, plane and movie tickets etc. from anytime and anywhere.

  4. Friends, family members can also transfer money within minutes.

  5. You can easily use it in payments with customers in business.

Things to keep in mind while using e-wallet

  1. Do not reveal your e-wallet password, username, and PIN number to anyone.

  2. Perform online transactions only at safe places. Keep the details of each of your transactions.

  3. Go to the bank and start SMS alert facility. From time to time, you will keep getting bank account information on your phone.

  4. Do not always keep your username, password and PIN the same. Keep information in your notebook about what changes you have made recently.

  5. While dealing with online money, properly investigate the concerned person or company.

Nowadays the use of digital payment services in the country has increased significantly. Many big companies have started their own services. Looking at the market competition, company is launching very soon Khatriji app in the market along with other features as well as attractive features of cash back and earning money. Using this, you can do all electronic transactions. Through this, you can instantly do all the work relating to mobile, DTH and datacard recharge, electricity, water, gas bill payment, money transfer and booking.

So, you saw that you do not need cash at all to avail various services. Also, there is no fear of theft of valuable information of debit or credit card. You also have a record of every payment you make through a digit wallet.


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