Khatriji-Being one the leading digital platform for online recharges and bill payments along with some of the product purchases, there is special treatment given to its Skyomie and the person attains much benefits once he/she becomes Khatriji’s Skyomie. The immediate thought that arose in your mind must be, “What is Skyomie and what are its benefits?”. This blog is all about solving your questions related to Khatriji’s Skyomie. This will also include benefits of being a Skyomie.

There are two ways through which one can become Khatriji’s Skyomie.

  1. Product Purchase

To become Skyomie, you have to purchase a product from Skyomie panel. Those two renowned Khatriji’s Products are Khatriji Mobile Radiation Protection Chip and Khatriji Bio Energy Neodymium Gold Card. This Bio Energy Neodymium Gold Card features very high value capacity for body healing if kept in contact with human body on daily basis. While Khatriji’s Mobile Radiation Protection Chip act as a safeguard against the harmful radiation from Mobile Phones and Tablet. You just have to login and request order for pin. Fill the Order Form and choose the product you want to purchase. The admin will revert after sending the order request.

2. Product Key

Whenever User will join any tree using product key given by Khatriji as per his/her request or he/she will transfer that product key to another user, then the latter becomes a Skyomie of Khatriji from that movement.

Now, you get ample of advantage by becoming Skyomie. You are now able to attain more benefits and increase your income with amenities like Referral Income, Tree Income, Re-Purchase Income and Cashback. There is an opportunity to grow your income through these services once you are Khatriji’s Skyomie.

  • Referral Income: You can increase your income by referring to your friends about Khatriji. Get started by logging into your Khatriji account. Earn money by sharing your Unique Sign Up Link to your friends via Emails and social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram. You’ll get paid for every new friend who signs up to Khatriji through your link and if he/she purchases Khatriji’s product. More are the user you refer, more is the earning for Skyomie.
  • Tree Income: Once some other user Sign Up with your unique sign-up link or Referral ID and purchases any product, you can make more money out of that online. The advantage of Skyomie gets here is he/she can make money from multiple trees, there is no limitations as such to him/her for earning income.
  • Re-purchase Income: If the user joins any tree using product key and purchases the same product again then Skyomie gets the benefit to earn more through that user.
  • Cashback: It is nothing but a surprise income given to Skyomie who uses services like Mobile and DTH Recharge. In addition to this, the Skyomie can also get cashback on each and every transaction of Datacard as well.

Be Khatriji’ Skyomie to begin a new platform for earning your income.


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