Today’s lifestyle is very sedentary. There has also been a change in mutual relations in the race to move ahead. The good thing is that with time, man finds some way or other to stay connected with his loved ones. Khatriji E-Gift card is also one of those unique measures. People eagerly wait for E-gift cards from friends and acquaintances on special occasions and festivals such as Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Rakhi, New Year etc.

Gift cards are of two types. One of these, can be use in the purchase of certain items. While other types of cards can be used by a person to buy a variety of goods or use services. Magnetic strip or barcode has been given in these cards which look like an ATM card.

In this article, we will give you detailed information about Khatriji’s E-gift card. To get this card one has to visit the gift card section on Khatriji’s website. After reaching the site page, customize it as per your requirement. Then click on Buy Now. Confirmation of the purchase process of Khatriji E-Gift card is completed and it comes in your email inbox.

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The entire process of purchasing gift cards is extremely handy and trouble free. To buy a Khatriji E-Gift card , first click the Buy Gift Card option. If the card is being sent on a particular occasion, then personalize the message by mentioning that occasion as well. Then enter the email address of the recipient, enter the value of the particular gift card you want to purchase. Be sure to specify the recipient’s name here. Now thoroughly preview the information submitted by you. Once the entire process is complete, proceed with payment with the help of your debit or credit card or Internet banking. Once the payment is confirmed, your gift card is on the way!

The best part of Khatriji Gift Card is that it is specially designed keeping in mind your needs. You can use it for others and also for yourself. Additionally, the redeeming process is as simple as its purchase. Once the gift card is successfully added to your account, the gift card balance will appear on the payment page during checkout. Be sure to choose the gift card at the time of checkout and payment.

Apart from the option of giving Khatriji E-Gift cards to others, this app of Khatriji also allows to avail Khatriji gift card with every transaction. You can use it easily in your daily mobile, DTH, Data card, Broadband, Landline, Electricity, Gas, Insurance etc. payments.

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