Pay Your Landline Bill Online With Khatriji

Landline phone often referred as main-phone or home phone is a phone that uses metal wire or an optical fiber telephone line for transmission. The cables are buried in the ground and there poles through which the landline phone is connected to our home. The phone majorly used prior the invention of wireless or mobile […]

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Choose Khatriji for Your Online Mobile Recharge

Over the few years, smart phones have almost revolutionized our lives with which we communicate. Apart from calling, e-mailing, texting along with booking cab rides, comparing product reviews and prices, reading newspaper, watching movies, listening music, playing games and participate in social media as well. Suppose if you are having some important conversation with your […]

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Our daily life is surrounded by one of the important innovation of all time, ELECTRICITY. Starting from regular household activities to various industries such as travelling, pharma, retail and many more, the time has come where we can’t live without electricity. Majority of our routine gets stuck without electricity. Today’s life does not allow us […]

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