How To Verify Khatriji KYC From Mobile

KYC is very easy to verify in Khatriji. You can complete the Khatriji KYC verification process through your Driving License, Passport, Election Card, and Aadhar Card. For this, please follow the steps given below. First the application of Khatriji has to be downloaded. For this go to the Play Store. And download it. Then open […]

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Khatriji is India’s one of the leading digital services provider. . Recharges, Bill Payments and Products Purchase can be made easily with Khatriji online. This forms a digital divide bridge between consumers and companies via swift recharge and bill payment, with no extra cost for online transactions. Khatriji provides a lot of features in itself, […]

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Why KYC Is So Important

With the continuous innovation in this fast-paced life, the shopping style of customer has also changed. The online shopping craze has sudden seen steep rise. Similarly, people have begun using online banking and mobile wallets to recharge along with paying bills of their regular amenities. But at the same time for secure money transaction, mobile […]

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How Does QR Code Works

How Does QR Code Works Many of you will see a crisscross black and white crisscross square shape on shops, cards, internet, TV, internet, posters etc. This is called QR Code, widely used at the time of making payments. Most of these QR codes are black and white, however, it can also be customized as […]

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Know What Is Bio Energy And How To Balance It

According to medical theory, all diseases are caused by disturbances in the flow of energy within the body. There are seven major energy centers in the body. Energy flows from our environment into the body. This energy is circulated through the blood vessels within the body between these energy centers. After that it goes back […]

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Khatriji has been providing us lot many benefits on services like online recharge and bill payment. But there are some benefits on its product purchase as well on the postpaid services. Here, we are going to talk about few of the other profit offered by Khatriji in details. Khatriji’s Skyomie are further benefited. Now the […]

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