2020 was a noticeable year in recent history. Mankind must not have experienced a worldwide pandemic like COVID-19 in the last one hundred years. The virus has affected all the countries, sectors and almost everyone on our planet. However, 2020 was the remarkable year for software development industry with lots of technological breakthroughs in certain areas. This is a significant growth in digital transformation and the trend will still rise. Want to see what is trending in software development, let’s find out below with Top Software Development Trends of 2020-2021

But to turn into a pioneer in current software trending technologies, is the only way to have the edge over contenders and address the issues of your customers. Here we will discuss about what the software trends that are dominating the market in 2021. However,we can analyze some noteworthy importance of software development trends that have shaped the industry in 2020 and will continue to impact in 2021.

  1. Digital World

The pandemic has infected many businesses. Maintaining social distance with strict regulation and lockdown has hit both small and large scale industries. They had to forcefully shift their working process from home and reorganize or develop new approach after battling much struggles.  They had to adapt to digital mode. That is how digital world will primarily with an acceleration of IT technologies across enterprises.

As per Accelerated Strategies Group, Inc.,63.3% of business respondents have accelerated digital transformation as their company priority. Their focus moved to contactless services with 60.1% having 52.25%of cloud migration and 51.75% of DevOps activities. This indicates that Software and IT solution providers play a critical role in building the post-pandemic world.

  1. Growth in IT Sector

Despite the growth of IT industry during the pandemic, there were initial cutbacks, delays in projects and staff members as well. As per Gartner, global IT spending declined by 5.4% in 2020 while is expected to grow by 4%. The global revenue of the IT industry in 2020 was $4.8 trillion which is less than the initial estimate of $5.2 trillion by IDC. Whatsoever, IT sector will recover to the growth trend line in 2021. IDC forecasts that IT industry is estimated to grow by 5% CAGR in 2024.

  1. Cloud Services

Companies had to implement proper infrastructure and support employees to create work environment for remote work. This increased the demand of cloud services. As per Statista, 74% of the business respondents are expected to increase their cloud spending. The current trend says that software development companies will use SaaS, Iaas and Paas Solution to build app, communicate and manage teams. This has given rise to global bent towards IT outsourcing software development trends. OJCT Digicom is one such software development outsourcing services for web, mobile, desktop etc. Its services include complete software outsourcing, custom software development, software product development, SaaS Application, ERP Software Development, Desktop Software Development, CRM Software, CMS Software, Event Management Software, Support and Maintenance Services, Agile Software Development and Enterprise Software Solutions.

  1. E-Commerce services in demand

In spite of the global economic crisis in 2020 due to the pandemic, there seemed rise in e-Commerce market. Statista estimates that global online sales hiked to 14% of total retail sales and this number may reach by 22% in 2023. Be it an online shopping or bill payment services, things drastically changed.

Khatriji is one of the online platform provide recharge and bill payment facility. Khatriji user can make recharge of mobile, DTH and Datacard while can make bill payment of landline, broadband, electricity, gas pipeline, insurance premium via Khatriji website. Khatriji’s skyomie also comprises earning income facilities such are Re-Purchase Income, Tree Income, Referral Income and Cashback.

  1. Python is growing popularity

Despite JavaScript dominating programming language, Python is slowly rushing to the top list. Infact, Python has already taken over Java as it is widely used for creating Apps with AI and ML based features. As per Statista almost 44% of respondents used Python language in their coding process.

  1. Outsourcing

The demand for software development outsourcing has increased widely. With sudden boom of WFH, it is becoming difficult to find the talented IT specialist who could deliver best output in short duration within the required budget. OJCT Digicom is one of the leading technology solutions providing company for web and mobile. The company works in providing best of the outsourcing business solutions to the clients with team of expertise to deliver services on timely basis.


With the above blog on Top Software Development Trends of 2020-2021, we come to conclusion that the IT market will significantly depend upon the pandemic situation. However, there may be some fluctuation, but the general trend indicates increase in industrial growth along with the revenue.


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