Increase Income through Khatriji’s Make Your Own Money Tree

In this fastest growing world, our lifestyle has become bit expansive. Many of us think of another medium to increase the income. Khatriji is one such self-earning and shopping platform where one can create business through its Refer & Earn, Tree income, Re-Purchase income and cashback services.Khatriji basically forms a digital divide bridge between the […]

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Earn more through Khatriji’s Re-Purchase Income Facility

Khatriji is an online digital solution through which recharges, bill payments and products purchase can be done easily online. It is a medium in which a bridge has been formed between consumers and company with Khatriji’s swift recharge and bill payment facility with no extra cost. Khatriji provides a platform to establish their own business […]

Read Full Article >> : Best Platform for Electricity Bill Payment Online

The biggest fuss that we face nowadays is to pay our utility bills on time and that too after carving our time from our daily routine. Nowadays, most of us have now been using mobile for completing many of our tasks. Yes, you heard it right. We have chosen the mobiles as our most convenient […]

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Khatriji offers various payment modes for online transaction

With digitization making a blast, most of the Indian consumers have got hold of digital technologies. Many of the Indian companies have begun following the suit as India is now becoming one of the fastest growing markets for digital consumers. It has likely brought about significant change in the economic value and also changes the […]

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What is Khatriji’s Gift Card? How can that be used?

Thinking of an option to gift something precious to someone which allows special access and leads him/her to one of the leading online digital platform…Then, Khatriji Gift Card is the best option you can opt for. Khatriji’s Gift Card is a prepaid payment card with specific amount of money which can be used to pay […]

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What is Khatriji’s Skyomie & Benefits Gained to Earn More

Khatriji-Being one the leading digital platform for online recharges and bill payments along with some of the product purchases, there is special treatment given to its Skyomie and the person attains much benefits once he/she becomes Khatriji’s Skyomie. The immediate thought that arose in your mind must be, “What is Skyomie and what are its […]

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