Footprints indicate where a thing, animal or person is. In the same way people leave their mark online. The Internet is a great way to share and connect with others. A digital footprint is a mark you leave on the Internet. You use computers, tablets and smart phones to connect to the Internet. Everyone who goes online leaves a digital footprint behind them. So, you have to be smart about sharing.

Take care of what you do online
Whenever you use the Internet, you leave a mark. Every activity you do online, whatever you post, affects your way of thinking to a large extent. Even the sites you visit tell a lot of things about you to others.

Parts of the digital footprint
The digital footprint consists of two parts. Part of this is the mark of the web sites you visit. Your browser remembers the sites you visit. Everyone leaves a different mark on their web sites. Many web sites keep records of these tracks, how many times you visit them.

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The digital footprint is made up of things you share online. There are many ways to share information on the Internet. This can happen in many ways, such as writing a blog including photos or videos, writing comments to people on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, pay special attention to what you share online.

Once you add something on the Internet, it is very difficult to remove it. Closing the page or deleting the post does not delete it forever. Many sites store everything you post. In this way, they have an online presence somewhere.

Think twice before sharing
In Khatriji’s view, through the Internet you can share many things with people. It is a good idea to create a positive digital footprint by making good choices about what you share. This includes all the things you post on web sites, including messages, photos or videos.

Always take precaution before posting. Many times people copy your post and send it to other people as well. It is a good thing to read your post by a lot of people. But, strangers can also see your pictures or read your words. The words you write, and the choices you make reflect your personality. So, you do not want to post such things that misrepresent you on the Internet. Above all, you don’t even know what people do with the words or photos you post.

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Keep these things in mind before posting.
Respect yourself. You should only post messages, photos and videos that show something good about you. Strange things may later appear incorrectly. Before posting, be sure to note what the posted Matter says about you. Can it be shared with all without fear. After posting the content, what will be the opinion of your loved ones, etc. So think of how to represent yourself online in the most positive way.

Respect others
Often other people are also associated with your post. You can write about a family member on your blog. Maybe you post a photo or video of your friends. You can also comment on another person’s post. Have full respect when posting about others. Could you have said the same thing in front of that person as well. Avoid posting things that other people would not like to share.

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Maintain your privacy

The Internet is a great place to share. Your digital footprint can reveal a lot of information about your life. Visitors can use it to learn and understand about you. Therefore, never share your full name, address or phone number on the Internet. Always protect your personal information.

Hope that after reading this article, you will make some positive improvements in your online activities as well.

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