Reliance Jio has made a major entry into fixed line broadband services in India. Now the customers is seeking affordable plans on behalf of telecom providers. The move by Jio GigaFiber will bring about a complete rejuvenation of the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband industry. A few years ago it similarly surprised people by bringing a similar revolutionary change in the mobile Internet space. Reliance Jio Fiber will be rolled out commercially from the upcoming September 5, 2019. Its plan is to start from Rs 700 per month to Rs 10,000 per month. In its Rs 700 base plan, users will get a minimum speed of 100 Mbps. There is no doubt that Jio Fiber broadband service will have a tough competition with Airtel V-Fiber broadband service.

In this article, know what benefit the user will get in the plans of these two companies.

While the initial plan of Reliance Jio’s Fiber is priced at Rs 700, the initial plan of Airtel V Fiber is priced at Rs 799. Reliance Jio seems to be clear winner in terms of speed. In this base plan of Jio, users have at least 100 Mbps speed available. Whereas people get only 40 Mbps speed in the Airtel V-Fiber plan.

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Now let’s talk about Airtel V-Fiber. Its plans are up to Rs 1,199. In Airtel’s plan, you get 100 GB of data with bonus data of up to 200GB for 6 months. Like Reliance Jio, you also get unlimited local and STD calls in Airtel’s plan. Also, you get free subscription of Airtel TV Premium. If you pay Rs 500 every month in the Reliance Jio plan, then you get unlimited international free calling of the US and Canada.

In Airtel V-Fiber’s Rs 1,199 plan, you will get 100Mbps speed. Bonus data ranging from 300GB to 500GB is available together. Apart from this, Rs 1,599 plan will get 600GB data, along with 1,000GB bonus data. Both these features are available with data rollover and Airtel Thanks plans. Under the welcome offer, in Reliance Jio Fiber plan, users may also get free HD or 4K LED TV after taking an annual plan.

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