Mobile phone has become so important nowadays that it is difficult to imagine life without it. However, along with the increasing need of mobile, it is equally important to protect ourselves from its increasing radiation. Here Khatriji is telling you some easy remedies. By adopting which you can neutralize the radiation generated by it to a great extent.

Use a protective case to avoid radiation
If you are using your phone without a protective case, then immediately buy a case. There are good quality cases available in the market. It substantially reduce the direct effect of radiation to a great extent. This allows to maintain your health to some extent.

Use landline at home and office
If you are at home or office, use landline instead of your mobile phone. With this you can avoid its harmful rays.

Keep the mobile phone away from your body

Keep the phone as far away from your body as possible. Do not keep the phone close to the heart. Keeping it in your pants pocket is also not good for health.

Use Mobile Radiation Protection Chip
The chip’s connection with the mobile protects you from the ill effects of radiation. Stick it under the module of your mobile camera.

Talk on speaker phone

Prefer to speak on speaker phone to avoid the side effects of radiation. This will keep your phone away from your body.

Switch off your phone
If you are not using your mobile, turn it off. Turning it off at night is a
lso a good habit.

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