The famous quote by Andy Rooney, “Everyone wants to climb the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while climbing it”, goes very synonymous with the belief of Mr.Chintan Khatri – Founder of Empire Calls.

Ever since the inception of Empire Calls in 2013, the company has been expanding itself. Empire Calls is now one of the leading Mobile Recharge Software Providing Company based in Gujarat, India with software like Recharge for website and Mobile App. Soon it established its Calling App in 2014, while Mobile and DTH service in 2015. Well, 2016-2017, were again the years of some growth with mobile bill payment, insurance, gas bill and money transfer service. The journey yet continues by providing a way to generate revenue for website owners, shop keepers and multi recharge organization. It was during this time, that Empire Calls started chipping away at their new venture Khatriji in 2018 and got itself enrolled as OJCT Digicom Pvt Ltd and then established Khatriji in 2019.

Successful leaders know that, if you have survived the first couple of years after starting up your business and then it is the time to have further expansion. Not just for the profit sake and reach new customers but to make important space in the market. There are numerous approaches to accomplish with enormous obstacles on way. Similarly, there were critical days when the India was undergoing severe lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic. But soon after the lockdown closed, Mr. Chintan Khatri began thinking of extending his business with the thought, “If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” In mid 2020 itself, the operation for the new venture by Khatriji began. That is how Khatriji new venture- Empire ReEarn (ER)came into existence.

Empire ReEarn (ER): A new digital online app and website that offers multiple earning income facility along with its recharge and bill payment services.

Aren’t your eyebrows raised by reading Multiple Earning Income term???

The multiple earning facilities in ER include Self Turnover Income, Referral Turnover Income, Team Turnover Income along with Rewards. ER user gains the benefit of all such income only after joining and completing his profile at ER. All the four types of incomes have their own modules and bifurcations to follow in order to get the benefits from ER. But in all, ER is a mode to grow your income by offering these four different types. ER is another platform to establish your business. All you need to do is to download the ER app from Play Store and browse into ER website for more details.

Apart from these income facilities, ER also offers online recharge and bill payment services. You are able to make online recharge for your mobile, DTH, datacard and also can do bill payment for your landline, broadband, electricity, gas pipeline through ER app or ER website- can even pay for your insurance premium online through ER.

Therefore, ER can be classified as one of the upcoming online digital medium to build your own empire.

Aren’t all you all excited to learn more about Empire ReEarn???

Keep waiting…ER will be soon launched…


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