Khatriji has been providing us lot many benefits on services like online recharge and bill payment. But there are some benefits on its product purchase as well on the postpaid services.

Here, we are going to talk about few of the other profit offered by Khatriji in details.

Khatriji’s Skyomie are further benefited. Now the immediate thought that arises here is :

What is Skyomie?

Whenever User joins any tree using product key given by the company as per his/her request or he/she transfers that product key to another user, at that moment he/she becomes a Skyomie of Khatriji. To become Skyomie, you have to purchase a product from Skyomie panel. You have to Login and request for order pin. The order form will be displayed on the screen and you can choose the product as per the choice. The admin will revert as soon as the order form is filled. These Skyomies are now able to attain more benefits and increase your income with amenities like Referral Income, Tree Income, Re-Purchase Income and Cashback.

What services will be offered in Postpaid?

  1. There is a premium service being offered to Skyomie. Once this is achieved, the user will be eligible for this postpaid offer.
  2. This postpaid offer will be activated in Khatriji App soon.
  3. Comment on the selected product by going to its comment box.
  4. Now, when you buy a product that is included in Khatriji’s postpaid offer list, then you are eligible to get Khatriji postpaid offer.
  5. The remaining amount will be re-paid within the first 10 days of the upcoming month.
  6. After paying the payment, you will get Khatriji E-gift card. You can use this E-Gift Card for billing new products in the future.

This process keeps on repeating and you continue to get the benefits from Khatriji. This is how Khatriji offers New Postpaid Offer and you get benefitted on the purchase of the product too.

From when will this new postpaid offer be available?

According to Khatriji, this new postpaid offer will be available to the customers very soon. But the only thing the users have to keep in mind is, they have to deposit the remaining amount within the last date, otherwise they may have to pay the unnecessary interest.

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