So far, has offered all the benefits on services like online recharge and bill payment. But, this time the company is also offering benefits on the purchase of its products with a new postpaid offer. Its detail information is being shared here for you.

For whom is the new postpaid offer

According to the company, this new postpaid offer is for Khatriji product users. The company’s Skyomie members members will be able to take advantage of this scheme immediately. If a new customer wants to take advantage of this new scheme, then he has to become Khatriji Skyomie. All information about what is Khatriji Skyomie and how to reach this level is available in our blog – Subscribe to Khatriji Skyomie and Earn Money Sitting at Home. So first read it carefully to understand this new offer. This will help you interpret the whole process.

What will be the offer in postpaid

  • Becoming Khatriji Skyomie is a kind of premium service. Once this level is achieved, the user will be eligible for this new postpaid offer.

  • This new offer will be activated in your Khatriji app, which you will be able to see yourself.

  • Comment on the selected product offer by going to its comment box.

  • Under this special offer, when you buy a product included in Khatriji’s postpaid offer list, then you become eligible to get Khatriji postpaid offer. To take advantage of this, you must first activate it. It will be possible through email and KYC verification.

  • Now you have to pay less than the fixed price on the purchase of Khatriji product.

  • The remaining amount will have to be repaid within the first ten days of the following month.

  • After paying the outstanding payment, you will get a Khatriji e-gift card. Your can use Khatriji e-gift card for billing new products in the future.

  • In this way, you continue to get a benefit on every product’s prescription. This process never stops.

From when this new postpaid offer will be available?

According to Khatriji, this new postpaid offer will be available to the customers very soon.

Here, the only thing users have to keep in mind is that, they have to deposit the remaining amount within the last date, otherwise they may have to pay the unnecessary interest.

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