Today in the tech-savvy world that we live in, we are afraid of personal information being stolen whether it is the recharge for mobile, DTH or datacard; bill payment for broadband, landline, electricity, gas and insurance premium. Earlier, passwords were considered authentic for any transaction. However, with the change in times, innovation of OTP technology has been sought of relief in this regard. It is much safer, works as protection against hackers.

We will be talking about OTP in this article that includes OTP code, advantages and disadvantages along with few of its precautions.

What is OTP

OTP full form is One Time Password. OTP is valid for only one login session or transaction through mobile phones. It can be a string of 4-8 characters or digits. You can use this password only once and it is valid only for 10 second to 30 minutes. The OTP becomes inactive automatically after it is being used but it removes the possibility of a user who registers themselves with fake email address or the mobile number.

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Types of OTP

OTP tokens come in 2 different forms that is event-based (HOTP) and time-based (TOTP). Event-based OTP generate new codes at the press of the button and the code is valid until it is used by the application. These OTPs’ are received through SMS, Voice Calling and Email.

What is the use of OTP number

OTP is used in different places such as many e-commerce shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Even social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have now begun using OTP for security purpose. It is majorly by banks for secured payment and safe transactions, verifying accounts or membership and for blocking the spammers. It is used in money transfer, debit card, credit card etc. Online Verification on mobile is also done through OTP message while changing the password of ATM card and purchasing new SIM card. Apart from this, it also has an important role in resetting the password and activating the account.


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Advantages of OTP

OTP helps in blocking spammers, securing online documents with documents like pay slips, medical documents, legal document. Hackers can find the username and password but not the OTP. We generally give password as per our name or date of birth, which is bit easy to hack for the hackers. While, OTP can never be same and it expires soon once used. This is how OTP is safe and advantageous.

 OTP Disadvantages

However, if the mobile is not working properly, you may get into trouble. The reason is that if your mobile number registered with your bank is not available for any reason, then you find yourself helpless. Secondly, when the password is saved in mobile, anyone can misuse it. Third, a bad network may delay your OTP. Fourth, OTP will not be available, if you have not given the mobile number correctly.

  1. There are chances of you getting into trouble if your mobile is not working well. Bad network may delay your OTP.
  2. If mobile number is not registered with your bank, the OTP will not appear on the screen.
  3. OTP will not be available, if you have not given the mobile number correctly.
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Now, all of you know the meaning OTP with all its advantages. Hope this blog helps you in many regard.

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