Until now, you must have come across few of e-commerce earning and learning platforms. But, here we are going to talk about one advantage that you attain through Khatriji.

As you all know that Recharges, Bill Payments and Products Purchase can be made easily online with Khatriji. The main focus of Khatriji is to be a leader in the online shopping industry with few of its brand products like Khatriji Mobile Radiation Protection Chip and Bio-Energy Neodymium Gold Card. But out of all the benefits provides through Khatriji, one of it is to provide everyone their own business platform through our Refer & Earn facility, tree income, repurchase income and cashback services.

As explained, there are multiple ways to expand your business and earn income through Khatriji but this article mainly explains about Refer & Earn facility.

Now, you have made use of many of the facilities from Khatriji ranging from online mobile recharge to  pay your bills online. Some of the services also include utility bill payments facility and many more. But, have you ever give it a thought to increase your income out of the same!!!!

Well, Khatriji is a medium to help you out in this regard.

You are able to increase your income by just referring to your friends about Khatriji. All you need to do is to follow the below footsteps.

  1. Log into your Khatriji account.
  2. Share your Unique Sign Up Link to your friends via emails or other social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram . This Sign Up Link can be seen in your Khatriji’s profile.
  3. You will get paid for every new friend who signs up to Khatriji through your link and purchases Khatriji’s product key through the same.
  4. As soon as the purchase is done by your friend, there is an increase your income.

This is how you can earn more with Khatriji.

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