As per the medical science, most of the human diseases are caused due to difference in the energy flow in the body. This indeed can lead to illness or the body sickness. The energy that flows in the environment goes in the human body and then is circulated through the blood vessels within the body and there after goes back into the environment.

Doctors record this electrical activity of the brain by electrocardiography (ECG), electrical activity of the brain by electroencephalography (EEG), and electrical activity of the muscle by electromyography (EMG). The same electrical cycle rotation takes place in other parts of the body as well. For balancing the energy flow in our body, we need some equipment or something to naturally heal our body and keep us away from illness.

Khatriji Bio Energy Neodymium Gold Card can definitely help us in this regard. This card features very high value capacity for body healing if kept in contact with human body on daily basis. It is extremely beneficial for medical and psychological problems. Card is actually able to diagnose disturbances in the flow of bio-energy by scanning the patient’s energy field and establishes balance just as the way a skilled therapist corrects energy imbalances by manipulating energy.

One of the special things about Khatriji Bio Energy Neodymium Gold Card is that the patient does not have to touch nor does he/she have to take any medicine for balancing his/her body energy flow. Khatriji’s Bio Energy Card prevents the disease before it appears.

So this Bio Energy Card is as useful as any other alternative medical treatment. However, patients are advised not to discontinue or change their medications without consulting their physician.



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