Expansion is never an easy cup of tea, especially after being into digital market since 7 years. Khatriji has seen many upheavals and also some crucial days to be in the list of one of the leading digital service providing firm in India. But as the saying goes, “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

There were critical days initially while launching Empire Calls in 2013. Empire Calls is a leading Mobile Recharge Software Provider Company based in Gujarat India and that software includes Recharge for website and Mobile App. Within a year, Empire Calls launched its Calling App in 2014 and quickly began with its Mobile and DTH service in 2015. Back then in 2016, postpaid mobile bill payment services started and no sooner insurance, gas bill and money transfer service started 2017. The voyage of Empire Calls’ still continues by providing greater way to generate revenue for website owners and shop keepers and multi recharge organization. There was yet no looking back, that Empire Calls began working on their new venture Khatriji in 2018 and got itself registered as OJCT Digicom Pvt Ltd and initiated Khatriji in 2019.



But Khatriji didn’t want to shorten up and yet had plans to expand further. Mr. Toshik, Co-founder of Khatriji, thought to further develop the industry trawled to jump into this gaming venture and began with its work in 2020.

The endevour began with some fun family games like Ludo, Snacks & Ladders, Carrom Games, Hold Ball and many more. These games have proven to be stress buster to get away from our regular monotonous tasks. Few of them are the real money family games while some are smart games based upon your intelligence. Some are the fun and earn games with some combo offers. These fun loving games not only solves the learning purpose but also gives stress relief and improves focus of a person.  So, these games have proven to be a side tracker and skill improver as well.

Khatriji Gaming is another new venture by Khatriji which not only diverts you from your tedious life but also act as savior from your bothersome routine. Khatriji Gaming would also come up with the couple of anxiety relief games and not the least but also some educational ones in the future.

So what are you waiting for…just get yourself indulge in Khatriji Gaming for some fun yet hilarious movement with family.


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