The innovative inventions of science have provided us luxury and comfort. We are all so leaned with technological advanced equipments, that we are prone to not to live without them. Few of such IT products like tablets, mobile phones, healthcare products, household products to name a few. It appears as if science has handicapped us.

But as has been said by Nivedita Sharma, “Nothing is perfect in this world, everything has its pros and cons”. Prolonged use of any of the IT equipments can be harmful to our body as they emit radiations. Medical science has also proved that most of the human diseases are caused due to difference in the energy flow in the body. It is very much necessary for all of us to keep the balance of our energy and do very well take care of our mind and body.

Khatriji has come up with two useful products that are beneficial to our health.

  1. Khatriji Mobile Radiation Protection Chip
  2. Khatriji Bio Energy Neodymium Gold Card

Let’s talk about both the products individually in detail with its significance.

  1. Khatriji Mobile Radiation Protection Chip

When it comes to positive effects of mobile phones, our instant answer would be, “It is easier to stay in touch with people in our surroundings. It acts as an entertainer with many online app being installed in it, while is an object to solve multiple official work.” People used mobile for online education and binge watching movies and web series. The age ratio of mobile usage would vary from children to adults. Children use phone to play online games and for education purpose. While adults have been using mobiles for various purposes like for accomplishing office work, for surfing, for binge watching movies and web series and so on. But when it comes to negative aspect, excessive use of mobile phone is bad for mental wellbeing. Constant over-use of mobile phones leads to increased anxiety, uneasiness, feeling lonely, depression and low-confidence. Continuous use of mobile can also cause irritation, dissatisfaction and impatience too. This may even cause risk to your heart, lower sperm count, risk to children, headaches, dizziness, nausea, brain tumor, changes in sleeping pattern to cancer and many more unknown diseases. That is, the prolonged exposure to this device can be a serious health hazard. Increase in the use of mobile is equivalent to destructing ourselves with its harmful radiation that it emits. But we can’t put our phone on speaker every time to distance ourselves from mobile. Thus, Khatriji’s Mobile Radiation Protection Chip is the best solution for the safety measurement in this regard.

Khatriji’s Mobile Radiation Protection Chip is made after undergoing extensive scientific research. Chip’s base is made up of neodymium metal coating, which acts as a protector against the harmful radiation. This chip counteracts the ill effects of the radiation produced either from tablets or the mobile phones and thus working as a shield. This would indirectly help to reduce the stress level in the human body and thereby increasing the human immunity. You just have to stick this chip near to your mobile camera and the chip in turn will absorb the rays emitted from mobile to a great extent. In short, this chip acts as a safeguard wall against the harmful radiation from mobile phone or tablets.

  1. Khatriji Bio Energy Neodymium Gold Card

The busy lifestyle has not allowed us to spare time for ourselves. We are so lost in managing work and home that we have almost forgotten to take care of ourselves. As per molecular biology, it is the balance in the energy flow of our body that helps us remain fit and healthy. The energy that flows in the environment goes in the human body and then is circulated through the blood vessels within our body, there after it goes back into the environment. Some imbalance in this flow can lead to illness or the body sickness. But in order to balance this flow in our body, we need some equipment or something to naturally heal our body and keep us away from illness.

Khatriji Bio Energy Neodymium Gold Card can definitely help us in this regard. The Card acts as an alternative medicine that helps in body healing if kept in contact with human body on daily basis to some extent. It is extremely beneficial for medical and psychological problems. Card is actually able to diagnose disturbances in the flow of bio-energy by scanning the patient’s energy field and establishes balance just as the way a skilled therapist corrects energy imbalances by manipulating energy. One of the best feature of this card is that the patient does not have to touch it nor does he/she have to take any medicine for balancing his/her body energy flow. Khatriji’s Bio Energy Card helps in preventing the disease before it appears. However, patients are advised not to discontinue or change their medications without consulting their physician.

So, hurry up!!!

Just buy Khatriji’s Mobile Radiation Protection Chip and Khatriji Bio Energy Neodymium Gold Card for your own protection and self-care.

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