Bulk SMS Marketing is the first choice of people due to economicality. It is of two types – First Promotional SMS and Second Transactional SMS. In Promotional SMS, messages are sent related to the promotion of things. These messages fall on the same number in which DND (do not disturb) is not activated. The time of sending them is from 9 am to 9 pm. Offers coming from companies are called promotional messages.

There is no time limit in Transactional SMS. OTP messages on your smart phone fall in this category. You can get these anytime.

Learn how to send Bulk SMS from Empire Calls
In this picture Bulk SMS messaging facility of empire calls is presented.
  1. To use Empire Calls’s SMS services, you must first register for it. Once registered, you get your user name and password. When you are logged into Empire Calls’ SMS portal, it takes you to a new page.

  2. As soon as you come to this page, you will find your credit capacity written at one place on the screen. You will be able to send SMS messages in Bulk according to your credit capacity.

  1. Now here you should enter the mobile number of the people to whom you want to send your SMS. You can maintain the number list on the note pad and copy from there.

  1. Enter your Sender ID in the form. Many times the message that comes to you through SMS does not have a mobile number. Instead of mobile number, a 6 digits number is given. This is called Sender ID.

  1. Select your template and message type.

  1. Enter your message, or write your message. You have a character limit of up to 160 for an SMS. As you type the character, the character changes. A new SMS is created as soon as 160 characters are crossed. Therefore, stay within its character limit. You can send all these messages in English and Hindi languages. Character limit is of 70 characters in Hindi.

  1. If you are currently doing a campaign, write the name of it. The advantage of giving a campaign name is that you can use it again later. It remains only for you, but others cannot see it.

  1. A good businessman likes to do all the work at the right time. Therefore, you will definitely want to send your SMS messages at targeted time. For this, use the message scheduling facility.

  1. Now check the field filled by you thoroughly. If everything is correct, now click on send button and send your messages to the phone numbers.

Your credit limit is reduced when the message is successfully delivered. Phone numbers that fall under DND’s category may not be delivered. Therefore, SMS cost are credited back after a few hours.

To avail SMS service from www.empirecalls.co.in you should keep making and updating the list of customers on a regular basis.

For English, there should be a maximum of 160 characters for SMS marketing. If there is more character then it is counted as the second SMS, which increases the total cost. Therefore, try to ensure that your SMS does not exceed 160 characters.

Keep SMS matter simple, clear, and reliant. Be sure to specify the call to action (CTA) at the end of each setting. In the end, mention the action you want from the customer. Like sign up to get talktime for free, etc. If you want to send your website link to customers, then keep your website link short.

While sending the message to a lot of people simultaneously, make sure that your message is error free.

Have you made up your mind to hire Bulk SMS Services in your business promotion? If your answer is yes, then contact the Empire Calls Customer Care team immediately to get information about the benefits you will get. In addition to the benefits of Bulk SMS, you may also get some surprise offers in gifts.

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