Khatriji is India’s one of the largest online digital website that features immediate recharge, postpaid bill payment and other utility bill payment services. There is a digital divide bridge being developed between consumers and companies via swift recharge and bill payment at Khatriji with no extra cost foronline transactions.

Today’s hectic life has made us busy, we hardly find time to relax and when we actually get it, we don’t want to waste it. This has led to rise in various online platform through which we are able to complete many of our daily necessity task online with no time restriction. Khatriji is also one-stop window from where all your online recharges and bill payment can be done quickly online. Gone are the days when you had to stand in queue at service provider’s office, wait for your turn and then get your recharge and bill payment process done. Just ping into online digital platform that incorporates all these service with no extra costs.

However, there are questions regarding your personal data confidentiality…Well, Khatriji is one such secured online platforms where all your personal data such as credit or debit card details, email id, password and many other details remains completely secretive.

Easy Online Recharge

Khatriji provides online recharge facility for mobile, DTH and datacardthrough Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Datacard Recharge.

The company offers services for several telecom brands such as BSNL, Idea, Airtel, Jio, MTNL, Vodafone and all these service providers mobile and datacardrecharge can be paid swiftly online from Khatriji’s website. Similarly, Khatriji provides online DTH recharge with its website for Tata Sky, Videocon D2H, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct.

In addition to that, Khatriji provides cashback facility on each and every mobile and DTH recharge, that can be used in future not only for mobile recharge but also in Khatriji’s other service as well.

Swift Online Bill Payments

There is postpaid bill payment service also being offered at Khatriji as it includes mobile and datacardpostpaid bill payment services also. Consumer’s household bills can be paid online via Khatriji’s services like Landline Bill Payment, Broadband Bill Payment, Electricity Bill Payment and Gas Pipeline Bill Payment.Khatriji also incorporates an Insurance Premium facility from where one can pay their insurance premium online.

You can move your mouse tab on different utility bill payment services at Khatriji’s website.  You just have to choose the operator for which you are to pay the bill, the state from where you belong and also your telephone numbers. These selections would vary depending upon different utility service options.

Earning Income Facility

Khatriji’s Earning Income Facility

Referral Income, Tree Income, Re-Purchase Income and Cashback

Khatriji also has few concepts like Referral Income, Tree Income, Re-Purchase Income and Cashback through which you can increase your income and earn more.

Whenever the user registers himself/herself with Khatriji, purchases Khatriji’s product and then joins any of the tree using Khatriji’s product key upon his/her request, then the user is named Khatriji’sSkyomie. The Skyomie can expand the tree by referring to his friends and families and if any of them buys Khatriji’s product then in that case, Skyomie is further benefitted with Referral income also. So, a tree has been developed and Skyomie has the advantage of earning money from various users whom he/she referred. This entire process is called Make Your Own Money Tree. Now, if the Skyomie purchase the same product again from Khatriji then he/she is benefitted with Re-Purchase income as well. The cashback being offered after every mobile and DTH recharge also increases your income to an extent.

Different Payment Modes

Khatriji offers various payments optionsnot only for the recharge facility but also for the bill payment services. You can pay through your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking, Visa Card, MasterCard – anything that is available with you at the time of bill payment or recharge. You can even use your Khatriji wallet, if there is any money loaded in it for the same. All your money transaction will be handled through the gateways of chosen banks for the security purpose.You can rely upon Khatriji for keeping your personal data confidential such as debit card or credit card details, date of birth, email id, password and much more.

To summarize, Khatriji provides multiple services to consumers for the online mobile, DTH and datacard recharge along with bill payment of postpaid mobile, datacard and DTH. It also includes utility bill payment services for your daily requirements. The payment for all these services can be done instantly from Khatriji’s website at anytime from anywhere depending upon your convenience. This in turn will not only save your precious time but also give you a luxury to utilize yourself in other tasks.

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