In business, every businessman wants to get a profit without much investment. But Print and TV advertising is so expensive that sometimes ruin the entire budget. In this way, Bulk SMS Marketing shows its impact with ease and quickly at a lower cost.

The BULK SMS services provided by empirecalls are playing a big role in generating new product launches, business leads, and contest awareness.

Let’s have a look at some important services of BULK SMS-

BULK SMS service to give business information

Nowadays businessmen spread awareness among people about their business through BULK SMS service. For more information, please contact empirecalls.

Bulk SMS service for e-commerce

To reach smartphone users, E-commerce stores use Bulk SMS to send information about special offers, discount codes, vouchers, etc. This information relates to delivery notifications, alerts, shipping information and order confirmation, etc.

Bulk SMS service for gym, beauty parlor and spa

Most people read SMS with in minutes. Therefore, spas, gyms and fitness clubs use the bulk SMS service for seasonal offers, discounts and memberships.

Bulk SMS service for logistics and courier
Courier and logistics companies check the order status of products with the help of SMS Gateway API and Mobile SMS Alert. Through text alerts, customers get to know the status of product delivery. Bulk SMS service is an efficient way of informing customers about consignment delivery status, track consignment whereabouts, sending alert messages, and delivery status, etc.

Bulk SMS service for admission to new schools and colleges

When a new school or college opens in an area, the Bulk SMS service shows its effectiveness in informing the local residents about the opening of a new educational institution. You can send to local area customers about new admission notifications, upcoming admissions offers, as well as opening and closing dates.

Bulk SMS service for Coaching Institute

Through the bulk SMS service of Empire Calls, you can send notice to parents and students directly about your coaching institute at the lowest cost. Contact Empire Calls to get more information about bulk SMS service.

Bulk SMS service for political campaign

Considering the low prices of SMS service and its benefits, all parties use it profoundly in elections. Political parties are using it extensively to connect with people. Contact Empire Calls to avail SMS services at cheaper rates.

Bulk SMS service for restaurants and hotels

Bulk SMS service has proved to be quite successful for restaurants and hotels. Bulk SMS, discount offers, and redeem coupons etc. are offered to lure people.

Bulk SMS service to promote real estate business

Through the bulk SMS service, builders announces new real estate schemes to the public.

Bulk SMS service for NGOs and community groups
Bulk SM service is an effective way to communicate with people. This is the reason why non-governmental organizations and religious institutions convey their message to the people through it.

Bulk SMS service for banking and financial sector
In mobile banking, Bulk SMS is used to report financial transactions, transaction alerts and bank account status. The bank adopts the path of bulk SMS to announce new schemes and rules and keep its customers updated.

Bulk SMS service for automobile industry and dealerships
SMS is chosen as a means of communication to increase sales, provide after-sales service, communicate with new, and existing customers.

Bulk SMS service for media and entertainment
The healthcare industry sends messages directly to the patient’s mobile through SMS marketing.This helps in building a better relationship with the patient. Check-up reminder, test result, weekly health tips
are provide time to time.

Bulk SMS Service for Healthcare Providers
Bulk SMS service is the best way to communicate with patients. It sends the message directly to the patient’s mobile. Appointment reminders, check-up reminders, diagnostic test results, weekly health tips etc. are available through bulk SMS services only.

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